Flum Float Flavors Disposable Pod Device

The Flum Float Flavors disposable vape comes in a variety of flavors. From fruity dessert to icy menthol, there’s something for everyone!

The Flum Float comes pre-filled with 8ml of 5% salt nicotine e-liquid and delivers approximately 3000 puffs. It’s also very easy to use! It’s draw-activated, requires no oil refills, and has a simple design.

Aloe Grape

Aloe Vera is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in weight loss, digestive function and immune support. It also helps in assimilation, circulation and elimination.

Aloe grape juice is a refreshing and healthy option for anyone looking to improve their wellness. It can be used for a wide variety of health conditions, including arthritis, kidney stones, diabetes, Candida, edema, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

This unique flavored juice is the perfect addition to your Flum Float vape collection! With its sweet and tangy flavor, it will have you feeling like summer is right around the corner. Pair it with cool menthol for the ultimate experience.

Cool Mint

Cool Mint is a great choice for those who prefer a lighter, more refreshing vape flavor. This flavor mixes fresh mint with menthol for a cool sensation that’s perfect for a hot summer day!

Flum Float Flavors

A popular brand amongst disposable vapers, Flum Float offers an impressive collection of flavors. There are a variety of high puff count and low puff count options, as well as different e-juice capacities.

Flum Float Disposables feature an 8ml e-liquid capacity and provide up to 3000 puffs. They are draw-activated for easy use and come with 5% salt nicotine. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop is an exciting Match-3 puzzle game where you help rebuild monuments in hundreds of cities around the world. Start in Sydney and make your way to Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, Rome and more!

With thousands of levels to challenge you, Gummy Drop is the perfect way to see the world! It’s a fun, colorful game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

It’s also easy to use and offers plenty of flavor. With a cylindrical design, this disposable vape device is easy to carry around and delivers a satisfying mouth to lung experience. It’s pre-filled with 8ml of e-juice and 5% salt nicotine for satisfactory taste and performance.


The Flum Float Rainbow is a unique flavor that combines a blend of strawberry, orange, lime and lemon. The combination creates a dazzling, fruity taste that will leave you stunned!

This is a great option for anyone looking to try vaping for the first time. It offers a refreshing mix of flavors, so you can enjoy a new experience every time you puff!

Aloe Pineapple Ice

Aloe Pineapple Ice has a refreshing mixture of pineapple and aloe that you are sure to love. Besides its amazing flavor, it can also be used to help with digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.

It’s a diuretic that helps flush toxins from the body, cleanses the colon and lowers blood pressure. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help reduce bloating. It’s especially beneficial for women who are at risk of breast cancer, thanks to bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple.

Guava Citrus

Guava Citrus is a perfect flavor for Flum Float – tangy, sweet and juicy from start to finish. This is the kind of taste that potentially maximizes your vaping time, which makes it a must have in your tank collection!

This citrusy flavored guava juice is full of Vitamin C and potassium. Both of which are important for heart health.

It can also help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a common factor for a number of severe medical conditions. The potassium in guavas also helps support healthy capillaries, promoting blood circulation throughout the body.