Commercial Locksmith Service Near My Area

Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Service deals with a variety of security issues like lockouts, rekeying and installing high-security locks and systems. A reputable commercial locksmith will feature credentials, customer referrals and experience in the field.

When choosing a commercial locksmith, look for one that is Fair Trade verified to guarantee quality work and honest pricing. Search the Fair Trade Directory to locate a trusted area locksmith.


Rekeying is a locksmith service that reconfigures your lock’s internal mechanism so that it no longer operates with the old key. Instead, it will only open when a new key is inserted into the lock. Rekeying can be performed on most residential locks as well as commercial ones. Rekeying can be done at a much cheaper rate than replacing the lock altogether.

Depending on the type of lock, rekeying can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. Rekeying is a great option for new homeowners, as it can prevent previous owners or anyone who may have copies of their key from gaining access to the home. It’s also a great option for business owners who have experienced a staffing change and worry that former employees may still have access to the building or inventory.

A locksmith will examine your business’s lock to determine if it needs rekeying, repair, or replacement. They will then take out the locking pins and replace them with new pins that match up with a new key. When a new key is inserted into the cylinder, it will bring the pins into alignment with the shear line, allowing the plug to turn and unlock the lock. This process is called rekeying because it changes the key that will operate the lock without changing the entire lock body.


Locksmiths work with a wide variety of lock types. They are also experts at installing different security systems and alarms. These are useful for companies that need to keep track of who is entering their premises.

Commercial locksmiths also work with mag locks, which use magnets to secure doors. These are very difficult to break. This technology is often used in bank vaults and other high-security areas.

Many people don’t think about their locks until they are locked out of their home or car. They may not have a spare key and might need to call a locksmith in an emergency situation. Fortunately, most locksmiths operate as mobile workshops and can provide services at any time of the day or night.

Another service that commercial locksmiths offer is installing security systems in businesses. These can include fire alarms, which are designed to sound loud enough to wake up everyone in the building and get them to safety quickly. These systems can also include CCTV and intercoms to monitor what is going on in the premises.

Most professional locksmiths are familiar with the latest security technologies and can advise you on what will be best for your business. They can also help you to reduce the risk of security threats by reinforcing your doors and windows with stronger, more durable locks.

Lock Changes

Locks change services are a great way to improve the overall security of your property, home or business. A professional locksmith will assess your current locks and suggest improvements, such as installing high-security deadbolts or smart home security systems. They will also help you choose new locks and provide a full installation service, including any necessary modifications to your door or frame.

Another reason to call a locksmith is if you’re evicting tenants from a rental property and need to change the locks quickly and efficiently. They will be able to do this without causing any damage or harming the tenant’s possessions. It’s a delicate situation, and you need someone who will work fast, maintain integrity, and remain objective. The right commercial locksmith will be able to handle this type of situation quickly and efficiently.

A locksmith who offers 24/7 lock services will be able to respond quickly and efficiently when you need them. They will also offer emergency lockout services, rekeying, and key duplication. Their prices will vary depending on the type of lock and the complexity of the job, but they should always be transparent and give you an invoice with a clear cost breakdown. They should also carry specialised tools to open your lock without damaging the door or frame. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Lock Replacement

Keeping your business secure is important, and proper security measures go beyond just locks. CCTV security systems can help you keep an eye on your employees and customers, and a quality master key system can prevent unauthorized access to the building. A locksmith with experience in commercial spaces can help you find the right equipment to fit your business’s needs.

Locks can be damaged due to tampering, wear and tear, or just normal use. A locksmith can repair these locks or install replacements. They can also create copies of existing keys, which can be helpful if you lose yours.

A commercial locksmith service is able to provide a wide range of services for your business, including installing and repairing door closers, hinges, emergency exits, and more. They can also upgrade your locks to higher-security models that are harder to pick or break into, and they can even design a smart lock system for your business.

A good commercial locksmith service will be able to handle all of your business’s security needs, and they will be able to provide you with a wide range of options that will suit your unique needs. They will be able to recommend the best solutions for your business, and they can also give you advice on how to maintain your locks between services.